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November 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Post-Monday Update

I had my class yesterday evening, and when I got out, I went to the University Center to walk off dinner. It turned out that Michelle Obama was there, holding some sort of rally--people were giving out tickets to it.

I didn't stay to listen because Mark was due to pick me up at 7pm, but I read an article in The Houston Chronicle that reported on it.

I still didn't see anything substantive in the speech. You can talk about bringing change all you want, but if you don't say what kind of change you seek or precisely how you plan to bring about that change, it's all smoke and mirrors.

It's likely, though, that proposed policy was not the point of her speech. Mrs. Obama seemed more intent on telling the students about her and her husband's backgrounds, and that's fine. Really, it's not her place to discuss policy; that's her husband's job. I would just like to see him actually do it. Right now, his speeches sound like a less folksy version of Kinky Friedman's campaign commercials when he was running for Texas governor--but Kinky's commercials were a lot more entertaining.

Current Music: "You Decorated My Life" - Kenny Rogers

In politics, they tell you to be "vague" when discussing certain things. I'm not sure exactly what things they are supposed to be vague about, but I think that can backfire pretty easily. If you aren't specific enough about what you want to do and how you plan to do it, then there's really no reason for anyone to vote for you, except for party loyalty or force of personality or something.

Personally, I think if I wanted to run for president, there would be specific reasons why I would want to do it, and I would feel obligated to share these reasons with the public, so they know my motives and what I plan to do if I'm elected. That's hypothetical, of course, since I have approximately a snowball's chance in you-know-where of ever being able to run for president, let alone be elected.

Ardys--*snicker* Heh...I'd never get elected, either. I'm too liberal for the conservatives and too conservative for the liberals. The Evangelical Right would drop me like a hot potato, once they discovered my opinion of gay marriage, and the environmentalists would have a fit with my opinion of PETA.

Ain't life grand? (g)