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Ginger Water!

When I was a kid, I loved reading the "Little House" books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. In one of them is a description of a drink that Laura called ginger water. It's made with water, brown sugar, vinegar, and ginger.

I always wanted to make ginger water, but something else always came up, and I never remembered to make it. Then, when I left home, I no longer had the books with me, so I still didn't make it.

This evening, the only stuff we have to drink in the house is flavored fruit water, plain water, and milk. I wanted something different that wasn't a soft drink. So I remembered Larua Ingalls' ginger water, and I decided to make my own variant, as close as I could recall the description. I figured it couldn't taste too bad, as it's basically Roman posca, aka old-time Gatorade.

It's not bad! I used apple cider vinegar, to give it some flavor, and I included cinnamon-sugar and ginger. Very tasty and refreshing. Here's the recipe.

Now, the little Narcissa in my head wants to make some. Darned domestic goddess...

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