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Wednesday Update

School: My homework that's due this evening was finished last night. I am now looking forward to doing some work on the Graves/Giulliardi story before I send it off to Viv and Tricia for beta-reading.

It feels good to be writing again.

I have the nigglings of another story thing percolating in my mind, but I'm not ready to do anything real with it, yet. It needs to percolate a lot more.

Weather: It's dark and rainy outside my office window now. The clouds in the sky look leaden-heavy.

Dreams, the morning of 02/20/2008: I remember two dreams from this morning. One actually featured Harry Potter, which was odd, because I don't care much for Potter; I prefer Snape. In the dream, I was attending some sort of school function, and Albus Dumbledore had left two t-shirts for me that I had ordered from him. The t-shirts had captions which poked gentle fun at Snape, but I can't remember what they said. One was rust-colored, and the other was a gold color.

Harry had to undergo some sort of test that involved finding three disguised cats in a garden. One was disguised as a cow, one as a tiger, and I can't remember what the third was disguised as. The cats had been transformed into animals which fit the cats' personalities. The cat that had been disguised as a cow was placid, etc.

In the next dream, my Mom and I were in Italy, going shopping. We were about to go into a shop whose building was red and white, and it had an expanse of worn, black stairs reaching from the ground up to a second-floor entrance. The entrance had no door; you could see right into the long, wide foyer. To the left was the store. To the right was an empty, square room. You could see that the walls of this room were like a palisade fence--vertical logs placed next to each other. They were painted red, but the paint had chipped off in places, revealing white plaster underneath.

My Mom and I went into the store. She went off to look at the merchandise, and I climbed on top of a chair to look at something. After a good twenty minutes of poking around the interesting-looking stuff, I suddenly remembered that my Mom is blind, and I had just let her go wandering off instead of going with her and describing things to her. The dream ended with me hurrying to the back of the store to find where Mom had gone.

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