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Jumpstarting IMS

Sheesh! To my shame, I had no idea IMS was in such bad shape. But I had noticed a lot of activity on the chat list, but no activity on the posting list, so I went to take a look and see why no one was posting.

I mean, if you want to save a game, it's stupid to sit around chatting about how bummed out you are. To save a game, write for it.

Well, it seems they've decided to create a new Isle, instead, and that is why IMSchat is hopping with activity. The kingdom setting on the new Isle is tentatively named Valeria, and they're creating it with a structure that is a lot different from the way it used to be done--which is possible, now that the game's creator has left.

That may be part of it, you know? Maybe people wanted something they could call their own, whose entire concept wasn't handed to them by the former GM. Yes, the former mod would seek input, but he already had set in his mind the basic idea of what he wanted--kingdom names, Isle name, and so forth. You had to go with the former GM's idea and embellish on it, instead of creating something purely your own.

This time, the base kingdom is comprised of five city-states, each run by a particular noble family, along with one royal desmesne. The king's power is inherited, as long as he produces an heir. If there is no heir, then a ruling council votes (I think), on who the next ruler will be. This does sound like it will create much intrigue and cloak-and-dagger maneuvering behind the scenes. Should be interesting.

We are still free to continue writing our established characters on the currently existing Isles, which I will do. I have invested far too much time and love into Myradin Glennis and Ephram Young to just abandon them. If my previous co-writers are still willing, I'm ready to pick up the story. L'Isle was too good a setting to let fall by the wayside. There were no posts written for L'Isle in April, at all, and I am determined that that will never happen again, as long as I am in that game.

It never occurred to me that I could take a break from L'Isle and not find it waiting for me when I was ready to write for it again. That was a big splash of icy water in the face.

I have created an LJ for game information, called imperialsecrets, which I am using as a means of (sort of) organizing information about this new Isle. Once that calms down, I'll start collecting previously-written information, as well. We lost our website once, and even though Suse has kindly begun creating a new one, what if she becomes unable to play, for some reason? I don't want to lose all of this information that people have labored on for six years. It'd be a shame.

So this is what I've been doing all day, instead of attending to SPH or the USS Charleston.

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