Aerden (aerden) wrote,

(Harry Potterville) TAMU

Hehe...A post by someone in sane_potter reminded me of the Wizarding school I came up with, years ago, called Texas Alchemy & Magic University (TAMU). It's a spoof of Texas A&M University.

Maybe I should revise the owlpost_rpg community to TAMU instead and just open it up for people to write stories in the setting. We could decide what's canon as we go along.

Either that, or we could decide who's going to play who, and start up some correspondence in Owlpost. (g) I will be getting rid of the game regs; I decided I don't like them.

I'd like to write Paul, Seth, and McGonagall. Mary Elizabeth is very disappointed that I didn't choose her. (g)

Writing: Working on The Twice-Failed Quest today.

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