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Aerden [userpic]
Fox News Quote of the Day

"Cats should not surf." --Shepherd Smith

(from a story about Australian surfers who take their pets surfing with them)

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There has never been a newscaster ever who could make me laugh out loud like Shep does. And he also does a good smackdown.

Shep is the reason why I became a fan of Fox News. There was one day during the coverage of Shandra Leavy's disappearance, when he came on and did a piece about it, and he looked completely disgusted with Gary Condit. I had never seen such naked emotion on the face of a newscaster before.

It so completely mirrored what I felt, that I was stunned, and I really liked the fact that he was not afraid to show his feelings on the air. To me, it showed that he was human and had a conscience. I was very glad to see that, and I've watched Fox ever since.