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Quiz Results (Potterverse and Lovecraft)

Cool! This matches my result from when I took the actual Meyers-Briggs test. (Seen in musesong's journal.)

Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

Lovecraft Test (Nabbed from marvo and caersidi.

Your Score: Nodens

In H. P. Lovecraft's universe you are


Benevolence Inquisitiveness Obstinacy Discretion
medium low low high high

Nodens is an ancient being mentioned as a god of healing in Celtic mythology. He appears only briefly in a couple of Lovecraft's tales, and his motives are unfathomable. His title of Lord of the Great Abyss suggests awesome power, and one mortal who encountered him in The Strange High House in the Mist evidently suffered some great yet inexplicable change as a result of the meeting. Nodens is also lord of the night-gaunts, terrible and intelligent monsters of the dream-world, and has no fear of the other "gods" of that world. Yet he befriends and aids humans at times, making him one of the most enigmatic beings of the Cthulhu Mythos. Like him, you may be perceived as secretive and perpetually on a mission that others do not understand. Being more willing to share news and plans with your friends may dispel this impression. Of course, if you like being the mysterious one in your circle, you can always show up with a copy of another story in which Nodens appears, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, and nonchalantly deflect any questions about what you're reading.

The image above comes from a Celtic clipart collection. It's identified as Nodens, but there's no further documentation, so it may just be some other furry man in a leafy hat and skirt.

Similar Entities

less benevolent

more inquisitive

less discrete


Your Inquisitiveness score indicates a high degree of self-confidence. This may be a good or bad thing: if the result of training, experience, and accomplishment, it's a boon; arising from arrogance or self-deception, it's a hazard. In either case, you're more likely to rely on your own knowledge and instincts than to seek the counsel of others when faced with something bizarre and/or unbelievable. In Lovecraftian terms, you're the person who opens the tomb, hatch, portal, or dimensional rift because he's sure he's right, safe, far enough away, or in possession of the proper protective charm. This action lets the [insert entity here] out to destroy the universe beginning with you.

Your Benevolence score suggests a cautious nature, a show-me attitude that doesn't preclude generosity and support once you're convinced of the sincerity of any request. In a Lovecraft story, you wouldn't go meet the monster; you'd wait for it to come to you. Alas, many of his creations are willing to travel. Your greatest vulnerability in such a scenario is that you'd be less likely than most to recognize help when it's offered by a stranger or by something whose shape or substance you can't quite discern.

Your Obstinacy score indicates a high degree of perseverance and resilience. In fact, in an early draft of this test I labeled this factor Perseverance, but then I reconsidered when I realized that in Lovecraft Land it really defines how you meet your doom. You're the character who goes too far, who unlocks one more door, who reads one more inscription, who descends the 700 Steps of Deeper Slumber, who won't leave when trouble moves in next door, who drinks from the mysterious vial, who awakens Cthulhu. In other words, you don't know when to quit.

Your Discretion score indicates ability to keep a secret and go about your business without calling attention to yourself. In the real world that's a good thing, but in a Lovecraft story it can be fatal. You're the character who keeps his discoveries to himself and thus precludes any warning or rescue from those who may have unearthed a piece of the Cosmic Puzzle that could counteract the one imperiling you. When you travel into the Unknown, you go alone and tell nobody your destination; eventually it's just you standing before Something Huge and Horrible on the next-to-last page.

Test Methodology and Complete List of Characters</td></tr>

The comparisons below won't mean much because this test only records the categories (high, medium high, medium low, or low) of your scores rather than the exact values, and the totals only include half the possible range of characters. The comparisons at the end of The OkLovecraft Test are much better indicators of how your results compare to those of other test-takers.

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