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Aerden [userpic]
T'riffic Cone

Today at work I saw a traffic cone and was happily reminded of Anders Grimalkin.

I miss writing with you guys. :)

Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic

My Elizabeth Hawkwood in NaNo novel is really missing an Anders in her life.

'An' Anders?

He's unique. There's only one.

I know he is. Different universe, no Anders in this one.

Just meant there is no one who touches her heart.

Your NaNo novel is about Elizabeth? Hurray!!!! :D

I'm having fun with Paul in his NaNo novel, and I'm thinking about working Lilith in as his daughter's governess, if you wouldn't mind.


Yep though well outside the Potterverse.

Elizabeth and her father, Emrys (not a Lord this time, but landed gentry) but the main focus is Sarah Taverner. In this Elizabeth has a mother who is estranged from her husband living as a modern day priestess in Glastonbury.

I've created a rather lovely chap for Sarah named Jason Grey.

Id love to read yours and if you like would be happy to add you to my friends as it is friends locked.

I would adore you having Lilith as his daughter's governess. She would do so well in that position.

It's weird. Every time I picture Lilith in my mind as the governess, she's wearing a bright red dress--it's as if there's light on her, and it makes the dress even brighter.

But I'm wondering, why red?

I would love to read your Sarah novel.

I'm not very far along with Paul's story, at all--there's a lot more prep work needed for it that I am currently doing. I'll be posting it into musevoices once I get more of it written. It's in Google Docs now, if you'd like to see the little I have done, so far. Do you have an email address for that?


I'm not 100% sure how google.docs works but my gmail account is: muse.caersidi@googlemail.com.

I've added you to this account. All chapters are tagged as 2007:chapters.