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Blind Police Officers in Brussels and Meme

This is the coolest profession for blind people that I have seen in a while.

Memage: Nabbed from goldfired: Left Brain/Right Brain Image In which direction do you see the dancer spinning? Is she standing on her left foot or her right foot? You can make her switch directions with your mind. It's very eerie.

For me, she stands on her left foot, spinning clockwise, backward.

Vacation: Mark and I had a great time in New Orleans. We were there for the Voodoo Music Festival, though we didn't attend that. We did hear it, though. I thought it was just normal for Bourbon Street.

We saw a New Orleans funeral while on the Haunted History tour and stopped outside the LaLaurie Mansion on Royal Street, the most haunted home in New Orleans--with good reason, unfortunately. The LaLauries were a hideously sick and depraved couple.

Dinner at Emeril's NOLA restaurant was marvelous! I had the best filet mignon I've ever eaten in my life, along with breaded portabella mushrooms stuffed with bleu cheese. *swoons* Mark had roast duck in a brandy reduction sauce. For dinner on Saturday night, we went to Voodoo Barbecue on St. Charles Street, which I highly recommend. They serve both brisket and pulled pork, along with chicken and sausages.

On Saturday, we took a riverboat ride on the Natchez, viewing the stretch of the Mississippi River near New Orleans, including Algiers Point and St. Bernard's parish. Mark visited the D-Day Museum on Sunday.

Yesterday, Mark and I had pizza for lunch with our friend Donna, and I ordered tiropitas and spanakopitas for Christmas dining--3 dozen of each! So we will seriously need to host or attend the House Bedlam Christmas party, this year.

Writing: Tricia--I will be online tonight. I needed to do some plot thinking last night.

Nanowrimo starts on Nove. 1. Hoo-boy! I will only commit to writing 750 words a night for it, though. This is what they do in novel_in_90, and I think it is a reasonable amount of work, since I'm at my job for nine hours a day.

Addiction: I have been sucked into a new addiction, Yahoo Answers. You have been warned.

Work: Year-end performance review on Nov. 1.

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