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Aerden [userpic]
Reading Up on Muslim Headscarves

I wanted to learn more about Muslim dress--specifically, now to wrap and secure the hijab or khimar, which is the headscarf that some Muslim women wear. So I found a site called Haya Hijabs.

I like them, though my inner Victorian gentleman/ex-Death-Eater thinks some of the styles look a bit garish.

Paul: "More than a 'bit' garish. They have paisley. And zebra stripes. And polka-dots. You are not to wear any of that rubbish."

Me: "Excuse me?"

Paul, pointing: "Purple...paisley...headscarf. Brain shutting down, now."

Anyway, I want one or two. I have a couple of Muslim consumers now, and should I ever meet them in person, I'd like to be respectful and have some sort of head covering available.

Okay, I just plain think they're pretty and elegant, and I'd love to wear one, except that everyone in my office would think I was weird if I did come in wearing one.

Someday, somehow, I will have characters who wear headscarves and long, comfortable dresses.


I wear hijab every now and then, and I also sometimes wear the style of headscarves that married Orthodox Jewish women wear. I adore headscarves. :) If you're interested in alternative clothings, you might like to visit Little India on Hilcroft and go into some of the Indian stores - salwar kameez are the most comfortable things evar.

P.S. - none of my scarves are paisley or bright colored. ;) In most countries where Islamic law is in place, or Islamic culture is strong, bright-colored scarves are either legally or socially discouraged. You see the bright colors in Turkey and Iran, but in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, and Egypt it's mostly black or brown or grey, sometimes white, or maybe muted hues of the darker colors. I think we have an Islamic clothing store in Houston, somewhere, too.

Oh, definitely! I know a lot of the women wear all black. I figured the more brightly-colored scarves must be for women living here. I'm glad to know they allow them to wear brighter colors in Iran--at least they haven't totally clamped down on the women over there.

I know a young lady who rides my bus (or used to) who is from Turkey, and she wears the brighter scarves. I haven't seen her in a while, and I miss her. She's sort of quiet, elegant, and dignified. I would love to get to know her better and invite her to my house, but I haven't seen her at the TMC Transit Center in three or four months. *sigh*. I think she's a student.

Ooh! Thanks for the tip! I do like interesting ethnic clothing. There is a Thai outfit that I like, too, but I can't remember the name of it at the moment--It has a long overtunic that is slit up the sides, with slacks worn underneath.

Thanks for letting me know whtere the shops are! Would this be near where the oriental rug shop is, too? That huge building?


There's a young woman from Saudi Arabia in one of my classes; she has some very pretty headscarves.

I prefer hats, personally. That's just me, though.

I like hats, too--the big, frouffy Merry Widow kind, that you had to wear with your hair up and with hatpins. (g) Headscarves are probably safe for me.