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Aerden [userpic]

Happy Birthday, caersidi! Even though you won't get this until the 23rd, your time. *sigh*

I hope you had a most wonderful, joyous day. *beams*

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Current Mood: happyhappy

Thank you sweetheart.

Oh and that picture in the medieval dress. I could only wish it was me. It was Liv Tyler as Arwen. I've always identified strongly with Arwen and that used to me my theme for this journal.

Viv--*giggles!* Then the hair makes sense, now--because I remember the birthday picture Crys posted of you a year or so ago, and your hair was blonde in it. I figured you must have dyed it at some time. :)

Speaking of good books, has anyone enticed you into reading Naomi Novik's Temeraire series yet?