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Art Imitates Life

SPH: Oh, my God...I discovered that there is a real person named Seth Graves. So every time this poor man Googles his name, he gets a bunch of sphogwarts posts. God help him if his middle name is William.

Okay, so there are worse things in life, but geeze...I created the name on GEnie years ago for a character who was part of an interactive story called "Heaven's Republic," run by a friend of mine over there. Seth Graves in HR was a happily married physician, nothing like my SP Hogwarts character..

Can you imagine your name being immortalized as someone's RPG character? I really had no idea that there was anyone with this name; I'd thought it was unusual enough to be unlikely.

Now, Paul Graves--I knew there were probably a few of them in the world. But Seth...that's a bit of a surprise.

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