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February 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Art Imitates Life

SPH: Oh, my God...I discovered that there is a real person named Seth Graves. So every time this poor man Googles his name, he gets a bunch of sphogwarts posts. God help him if his middle name is William.

Okay, so there are worse things in life, but geeze...I created the name on GEnie years ago for a character who was part of an interactive story called "Heaven's Republic," run by a friend of mine over there. Seth Graves in HR was a happily married physician, nothing like my SP Hogwarts character..

Can you imagine your name being immortalized as someone's RPG character? I really had no idea that there was anyone with this name; I'd thought it was unusual enough to be unlikely.

Now, Paul Graves--I knew there were probably a few of them in the world. But Seth...that's a bit of a surprise.

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That is quite hilarious!

I cannot imagine my name being used for an rpg character...but I would be very, very amused!

I guess I could imagine mine being so but it would be odd.

I want to add you to my friends at NaNoWriMo if you're signing up this year. What's you name over there? I am sure when I was fruitlessly searching for my old account I saw your name.


Viv--It would be even odder if there were a real Lilith Drachenstein in the world. (g)

My Nanowrimo user id is Aerden, just like over here. What's yours, so I can add you?


I thought that was it but must have typed in wrong spelling. Mine is muse - not sure if case sensitive.

They seem to have disabled 'search for authors' at the moment due to the heavy site traffic!

You can find me on: http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user/200173

As I had to re-register due to my old account being deleted/purged for inactivity. Still got me a cooler username. :)

Wow that's funny! I looked and there *was* a Belinda Rosier, I think. No Maëlys Delacour though ;)

And I believe no one would be foolish enough to use my name as their RPG character's, because, well my name is very very uncommon. I believe I am the only one with this name (first & last) in the whole world :)

Hehe. Oh I miss RPing =(

Man, it's good to see you again!

Yeah, my name is extremely unusual, too. I'd be quite surprised if it turned up in an RPG.

I actually saw the real Paul Graves once on TV. He was a student at Duke University who attended a televised lecture, and he asked a question during the question & answer session. I nearly fell off my chair when I heard him speak his name into the microphone. That rather weirded me out, the whole morning. It's one thing to know that there's probably a real person with your character's name, but to actually see the person--that felt very strange.


Ahhh, thank you! I do lurk every once in a while and read more than I comment :)

And wow, that must be extremely freaky!!! I can't imagine how I would feel like... one must feel the same way when meeting one of the many "Harry Potters" of this world hehe =)

Oh, and will check out the RPG, thanks for the suggestion!

Oh, and by the way--check out byondthehallows, if you're interested in RPing.


I feel sorry for all the real Harry Potters in the world, except that grandfather whose grandchildren suddenly think he's really cool.

I doubt that anyone real has any of my characters names, just because I usually make them up. There's only one I can think of that might be possible, "Ermine Fletcher," but I don't think many people nowadays would want to name their kids after a type of albino weasel.

Heh...Speaking of Harry Potter--I'd love to see a story sometime in which he meets his long-lost American relative, one Col. Sherman T. Potter. Except I think Col. Potter would have to be over 100 or so, by that time.