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February 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Nothing in Particular

TV: The season premiere of Dexter aired last night. It set up some interesting problems in Dexter's personal life, but there's no hint of a killer for him to pursue during the story arc yet, unless it's the fellow who appears at the end.

I like Esme Pascal. Deborah is still annoying, and so is Makuza. Dexter really needs to have Zach Addy on his team, but that could be dangerous. (g)

Mark wants to see a crossover story between Dexter and Burn Notice. I'd like to see one with Dexter and CSI: Miami.

Family: We went to see Mark's father and stepmother, Sue, last night. Sue's brother and his wife were visiting from South Carolina. Their names are Vince and Susie, and I liked them both. Susie and Sue made a delicious broccoli,cheese, and Ritz cracker casserole that was to die for.

RPG: I don't know what's going on with Beyond the Hallows. It's like everyone is bailing, all at once. I suspect the main problem is that most of the players are college students and have to concentrate on coursework. It's depressing, though. Right now, the characters posting during the past week or so are George, Charlie, Luna, Dean, Narcissa, Neville, Pansy, and Mandy.


I actually didn't like Dexter the first time I saw it, but my husband kept watching it and I got completely hooked. This season's opener really grabbed me! =)

When it first came out, I kept debating with myself whether I should watch it. And then, after I started watching it, I wondered if it was wrong of me to enjoy it. (g)

Hey, how's the doula search coming?


About to post about that...thanks for asking! =)

That's how all the RPGs I'm in are going at the moment, too. I just joined this new one on GJ and it's actually doing quite well. Over the weekend it went from having 6 characters to now having 36. I am amazed and happy about it!

Fantastic! What sort of RPG is it?


Here is the link to it: http://www.greatestjournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=scrumping

It's a HpRpg, but it doesn't really have any major plot. Sort of loose and flexible (which I'm usually wary of because they tend to fall apart quickly) but this one seems pretty good.

Cool! I'll go visit it. The hallways are beginning to echo in Beyond the Hallows. I hope everyone's real life eases up soon. I really enjoy writing with those folks.