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September 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
The Author and the Editor

Writing: I have weird conversations with myself on the bus, sometimes.

The Editor: "So tell me, why do you need a telepathic raven in The Twice-Failed Quest?"

The Author: *is startled out of a half-doze* "Huh? What? Oh. Um, because telepathic ravens are cool."

The Editor: "Not good enough. Scrap Varoc."

The Author: "Nope, sorry. Not doing that. I like him, and the wizard likes him. The raven stays."

The Editor: "Tough. You can't explain to me why you need him; the raven goes."

The Author: "It'll come out later in the story, I promise! I just haven't figured things out that far, yet."

The Editor: "Sure, it will."

The Author: "Hey, I figured out the real reason why Paul was in the Death-Eaters for so long, and that was one of the most amazing mental experiences I've ever had. I'll figure this out, too."

The Editor: "I'll believe it when I see it."

The Author: "Look, I really like the idea of Odin's ravens producing a line of intelligent, telepathic offspring, and it would be a useful way to incorporate the idea that magic and mystical powers exist in that world."

The Editor: "But the setting isn't Norse! Why are you even using Odin?"

The Author: "Because he was available and convenient, and he had a couple of ravens. Aren't alternate universes wonderful things?"

The Editor: *groans* "You really annoy me. Go back to sleep. I hope you miss your stop."

The Author: "The raven stays."

Current Music: "We Are Family" - Sister Sledge