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Aerden [userpic]
Hallowe'en Concert Squee-age!

Voice Lesson: My voice teacher has arranged for her students to perform at an assisted living facility on Oct. 21. We're to dress up in costume and perform, and there will be a tap-dance performance by one of her students partway through.

I told her I had a Snape costume, and she decided she wanted me to sing a song from (I guess) the movies, called "A Winter's Spell."

A more unSnape-like song you never heard, except perhaps for Simon & Garfunkel's "Feelin' Groovy." :D I'll have to dress up as Narcissa for that one.

For Snape, though, she wanted me to recite a poem, and we decided on Poe's "The Raven," because it is in a way the very essence of Snape, but Poe's character is a lot more passive about his grieving than Snape is. Snape takes his grief and dedicates it to a higher purpose (albeit with Dumbledore's guidance), while Poe's narrator just sinks into depression. Still, I imagine Snape felt like sinking into depression after Lily's death, at some point.

The hard work for me, aside from practicing the pieces, is going to be performing the poem as Snape, and not as some woman wearing a Snape costume. If I can go onto that stage and be Snape while I recite "The Raven," I will have accomplished something.

I've 'been' Aerden. I've 'been' Paul. I can do this.

But I want to do this well. I so want to do this well.

*happy sigh*

Music: In other music news, I am hoping to sing "The Lowest Trees Have Tops" for the Spring 2008 NATS student auditions. It's an Elizabethan song that appears on Sting's John Dowland album. It's lovely! Sting, by the way, plays the lute very well (if that's him playing).

Grammar: I am either a dork or a compulsive perfectionist. I just edited this post for verb tense agreement. :P

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I am now imagining Professor Snape singing "Feelin' Groovy." Thanks.

Bill--*dies laughing!!!!*

I imagined him singing "A Winter's Spell" with an unbelievably sour look on his face. (g)

"...Kickin' down the cobblestones..." *sputters helplessly*


Bill--On the bright side, if you ever encounter a boggart, you can always imagine that and say, "Riddikulu!" And it will be true!



I find the idea of a woman playing Snape, and doing it well, very cool.

I played a man once in a school musical, because there was a dance scene and we didn't have enough guys, but I was only a background character so there wasn't much in the way of real acting about it. Apparently I was a very convincing man, although I don't know whether to be happy or perturbed about that.

I think I would be pretty psyched if I got the chance to play, say, Hamlet on stage. That would be pretty cool.

Oh, playing Hamlet would be neat! Me, I've always wanted to play either Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady or John Adams in 1776.

For Snape, I have the problem that I always start grinning from ear to ear whenever I try to act grumpy and Snapelike when in costume. *rolls eyes*


Ooo.. make sure to post pics or a youtube video ;D

Harry POEter

You realize of course you've just given me another one...

...Fall of the House of Slytherin. :)