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Tuesday Night

Whine: My nose is all stuffed up, and my right eye hurts.

TV: Bones started on a story arc that looks intriguing, and tonight's House episode had a quite unexpected twist ending amid the usual stupid nonsense that House always pulls.

The cool Louisiana lawyer appeared on Bones. Yea!

They need to keep the janitor on House as a semi-regular. He's great. :)

Politics: Folks--I just use this journal to vent. My political opinions aren't worth the phosphor they're comprised of. Just so you know. I don't do research, and I don't have time to read a lot, anymore. And what I do read is medical or science or SF/F, not political stuff.

That said...Does anybody else feel like rolling their eyes at the fact that the only thing Ahmadinezhad said at Columbia University that seemed to evoke a negative response from the audience was his stand on homosexuality?

Not any outrage about stoning women or having a severe lack of freedom or civil rights over there. Nope, just gays, as if they are the only endangered Iranian population. *sigh*

I'm going to bed now. Even the normally enjoyable noise of Futurama is grating on my ears. Good night!

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