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Aerden [userpic]
Tuesday Night

Whine: My nose is all stuffed up, and my right eye hurts.

TV: Bones started on a story arc that looks intriguing, and tonight's House episode had a quite unexpected twist ending amid the usual stupid nonsense that House always pulls.

The cool Louisiana lawyer appeared on Bones. Yea!

They need to keep the janitor on House as a semi-regular. He's great. :)

Politics: Folks--I just use this journal to vent. My political opinions aren't worth the phosphor they're comprised of. Just so you know. I don't do research, and I don't have time to read a lot, anymore. And what I do read is medical or science or SF/F, not political stuff.

That said...Does anybody else feel like rolling their eyes at the fact that the only thing Ahmadinezhad said at Columbia University that seemed to evoke a negative response from the audience was his stand on homosexuality?

Not any outrage about stoning women or having a severe lack of freedom or civil rights over there. Nope, just gays, as if they are the only endangered Iranian population. *sigh*

I'm going to bed now. Even the normally enjoyable noise of Futurama is grating on my ears. Good night!

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As I understand it - and since Iran is one of my "pet" countries, I've been closely following Mad-dog Ahmadi's "visit" to the States (I despise him sooo much, but he's just a clerical tool, anyway) - Ahmadinejad received a cold reception at Columbia - lots of boos and hisses, a smattering of applause, and a very rude introduction from the university president. I think he got way more negative than positive response on everything.

While he did get booed a couple times, and the clapping wasn't overwhelming, there was definitely more clapping than booing. It was revolting. Even if you're an ignoramus and think Ahmadinejad isn't such a bad guy (and this was attended by ivy league students, so you should never underestimate the number of those), the evasive and non sequitor responses should drive you up a wall. I could barely follow his "answers."

Well, I it's a free country, so they're entitled to their responses, however much I might dislike them. My impression of the event was that there was definitely less approval of Ahmadi than rejection.

As I was only able t see the little bits that appeared on the news and a couple of talk shows, my experience of the event was admittedly skewed. And even the opinions of the talk show hosts change day to day. On Monday, Glenn Beck approved of the way the university's president introduced Ahmadinejad. By Tuesday, he thought the intro did more harm than good, especially internationally.


Oh cool - Bones & House starting up. Hopefully Crys has both on our download list.

*Restrains self from posting any spoilers*

And it looks like I do have Mandy. Yea!


To be honest, the thing that struck me the most about the whole affair was the University president's introduction. I mentioned this on my journal, but I felt the intro was unecessarily rude and hostile. I mean, I don't care who the guy is, when you've invited someone to come and speak at your University, you should treat him with, at the least, common courtesy. Ridiculing him in front of a whole crowd of people just wasn't the right thing to do, and I mean that morally as well as politically.