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Weight Loss Plan

Dieting: I've finally found a weight loss plan that I like. It's called The Biggest Loser, and it's apparently also a TV show that airs on NBC at the same time as Bones, so I won't be watching it until American Idol time rolls around again. (g)

I chose The Biggest Loser method for several reasons:

  1. There is no specific 'diet' to adhere to. You don't have to count calories or 'points' or eat only certain foods. They simply tell you how much volume constitutes a serving (usually one cup), and then they tell you how many servings of that category of food you should eat each day. They also tell you, according to your current weight, how many calories you should consume each day to lose weight. That's it.
  2. You don't have to buy their brand of food (if they even have a brand). I looked at Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, and for Jenny Craig, at least, they require you to buy their food. That's too expensive to justify.
  3. I can tell that the exercises will be useful. They have a crunch and twist exercise that is seriously man-work. I could tell after doing about five reps that I was having to put forth effort, yet it wasn't exhausting effort. The want three sets of 20 reps of that particular exercise, among others, daily.
  4. Easy to use food diary. There are four lines per meal to list your foods, so if you eat more than that, you know you're overeating. They also have a checkbox for each serving of each category of food.

This morning's breakfast is the first meal to go into my diary. I had

  1. One bowl of unsweetened Cheerios (equivalent to one slice of whole-wheat bread)
  2. 1/2-pint of skim milk
  3. Two strips of bacon
  4. One cup of fruit

I'm not sure what I'm going to do for lunch. I really don't want to eat just a salad every day. All they serve at our cafeteria is iceberg lettuce (boring!). I'd like to get to the point where I can bring Interesting Salad from home (mixed herbs, etc.) but I'll have to considerably clean out our refrigerator before I can do that.

My other big bugaboos are going to be gaming goodies and restaurant portions. Like amqu, my leftovers from restaurants tend to turn green and fuzzy in my refrigerator before I can get around to eating them.

My target calorie consumption to shoot for is 1050 calories a day. O.O That's easy to do for breakfast, where I know the calorie numbers of everything, but for other meals, that will be more difficult.

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