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February 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Hillary Speaks

Politics: I'm afraid I'm going to commit politics in this post. Sorry, but I'm rather ticked off.

Heard from Sen. Hillary Clinton during her interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News: "I have always respected and admired Gen. Petraeus."

On September 10, when Gen. Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker gave their assessment of the current situation in Iraq to the Senate committee, I remember hearing Sen. Clinton cast aspersions on Petraeus' memory of the facts and/or statistics of progress in fighting Iraqi insurgents.

How is implying that someone is a liar congruent with respect and admiration?

I've been looking forward to maybe having a woman President, of whatever party, but as far as I'm concerned, the time isn't yet right. I want a preseident who can at least be honest about her own beliefs, even if I don't completely agree with them. If she had told Chris Wallace, "I think he's a decent general, but I also think he's lying his ass off about Iraq," I could have respected that, though disagreed with it.


Life: I have a cold and spent most of today in bed. However, Cold-Eeze is great stuff! I think I'd feel a lot sicker than I do if I hadn't taken it.

I did get my pedicure done today, at a place that specializes in nail care and facials, which is located next to a hair salon--they're possibly owned by the same person. The pedicurist did a marvelous job. I left there with my feet feeling like silk. It was astounding.

After the pedicure, I stopped by The Kolache Factory and bought two cream cheese kolaches for breakfast. They were delicious! Lunch was a bowl of won-ton soup and some shrimp toast at Hu's Garden. Mark has made kefte meatballs and cucumber salad for supper. Mmmm....

I think we're both in love with Giada di Laurentiis' cooking. *swoons*

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I made some Panettone French Toast that I saw on Giada's show a year or so ago. Best french toast EVER!

Hillary. What is there to say? I have an unwavering dread of nationalized health care. It's like she's looked around the world, and just as every other country's nationalized health care is tanking and bringing down their governments with it, she says, "what a great idea!"

Plus, she lies like a dog. She is bringing Sandy Berger back. 'nough said.

All right, just hold on. Both of you.

First, since when does respecting someone preclude believing they're wrong? What she said was that aspects of the report weren't credible. Everyone with a particle of common sense knows it was the administration's report, not purely Petraeus'. Skepticism of the report does not preclude respect for the individual and his prior accomplishments.

Second (amqu, I'm looking at you), have you even LOOKED at what she's proposed? Do you know any details whatsoever, or are you just listening to Romney and Guiliani's rhetoric? Damned ironic, by the way, because the Clinton proposal looks an AWFUL lot like what Mitt Romney himself fought so hard to implement in Massachusetts. Once you know what's actually being proposed, then feel free to critique, but crying "socialized medicine" just makes you look like an ignorant partisan hack.

Ouch, ignorant partisan hack. ;)

A) I'm not a Republican.

B) I have no idea what Guiliani and Romney have said about Hillary's plan.

C) I never said "socialized medicine."

If you would like to have a dialog about what I actually said, please feel free. I enjoy discussing many subjects with people who disagree with me.

You don't have to be an ignorant partisan hack to look like one. And when you say "nationalized" health care and analogize to government-run single payor systems elsewhere ("just as every other country's nationalized health care is tanking....") you're holding up the same rhetorical strawman that the Republicans mean when they say 'socialized medicine.' Pardon me for calling your foxglove digitalis.

Well, you are a saucy one. I won't burden you with my actual thoughts on the matter since you have your mind made up about what I mean. I'd hate to damage the permafrost. :)

So terribly sorry that your own words frighten you off. Good day then.