Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Unexpected Humberto

The Weather Overhead: This morning, Tropical Depression Humberto popped up out of nowhere in the Gulf of Mexico. It's now a tropical storm about to hit Galveston. Joy! I hope the other Houstonians on my friends list will be okay and not get flooded out.

Personally, I'm a bit offended at having a tropical storm with essentially the same name as the creep in Lolita, but oh well.

My office is closed tomorrow (Thursday) until at least noon. If the rain is bad enough, it'll be closed all day. I was called just before I was about to start my voice lesson, so I'm glad I still had the cell phone on. Usually, I turn it off for the lesson.

Life: I had my annual physical and a visit to the urologist today. My doctor wants me to cut down on sodium because I seem to be getting fluid retention, and she wants me to lose weight. I haven't lost any weight since my last visit to her. :( Got the blood drawn. Will see what the CBC results are in a few days. My urologist says the kidneys are fine, and he sees no stones big enough to worry about. Why I keep having these every once in a while twinges, I don't know.

Aside from that--not much happening. I'd better warn folks in my Star Trek sims that my power might go off, though. I've already done so for Beyond the Hallows.

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