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February 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Avriet Work

The Curse of Avriet: Today, I worked on the timeline. The characters have begun quietly bugging me again to write about them, and I take that as a good sign.

Julien Tenavre is becoming more visible, and I can see how he could be worked in as a villain for the current plot, instead of just being a historical figure. I worry that maybe there are certain similarities to Voldemort, but he is different in some key ways.

  1. He's not bent on destroying all 'muggles;' he wants to rule them, instead.
  2. He's figured out a way to achieve immortality of a sort.
  3. He's a lot more subtle than Voldie.
  4. He's still human and has no plans to alter his body in any way.

I guess I really cannot allow the Potterverse to discourage me from writing about a big, bad, evil vilain. did Rowling let Darth Vader discourage her from creating Voldie? No.

Also, World War II is not the inspiration for Avriet. The Seven Deadly Sins are--or at least some of them; I can't use them all, for obvious reasons.

I cannot believe I don't have a 'writing work' tag for this journal. Sheesh!

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