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February 2019
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Aerden [userpic]

Writing: Viv--Would you be interested in us using Google Docs (docs.google.com) for some Paul/Lilith, whoever wants to join Potterish writing?

That way, we might actually start a story instead of us wistfully talking about it. (g) I can get something going, or if you prefer to start off, let me know.

Sarah, anyone else--Want in?

Current Mood: chipperchipper

Whee! Yes!

Sarah--Hurray! Glad to have you!

So far, looks like it's you, me, Viv, and Dave. We should be able to come up with something.


Sounds cool. I like Google docs.


Fantastic! Yeah, I like Google Docs, too. Very convenient way to write.

I guess we need to decide whether this takes place before or after DH and whether it's in an AU in which Snape lives.

I'd like for Paul to be an auror in this. I created him to be a DE in SPH before I truly understood how bad the DE were, what it took to be one, and how the principal players of DE's intended to play them. Had I known all that before I made Paul a DE, I'd never have created him to be one of them. So he can be an auror. Petrus was still kidnapped, but Paul chose better, this time. Elizabeth died sometime back, or maybe they divorced for some reason; I coudl write it either way.

How do you want your backstory to go?


This could be interesting. I've been threatening to do something with my young lady; might be the impetus I need to get moving.

Great! I'd love to see her, Dave.