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Happy Birthday to cpsings4him! She's my birthday twin--born on the same day of the month; I'm not certain about the year. :)

Dinner: Mark took me out to the Cheesecake Factory for my birthday dinner. It was wonderful! Excellent food; my only gripe is that there was way, way too much of it.

I suppose some would roll their eyes and say that only an American would complain about being served too much food, when other people in the world are starving, and all you have to do is take the surplus home in a doggie bag. But seriously--I was served a 'small' Caesar salad that was a huge pile of salad on a full-sized dinner plate. My shrimp scampi consisted of six large shrimp, some roasted garlic, and a humungous scoop of angel hair pasta as big as my two fists put together, at least. It was served on a platter.

Folks, I am 5' tall and trying to lose weight. Okay, maybe eating shrimp scampi isn't the right way to do that, but it's my birthday; I figured I had the right to splurge on this night.

Why do American restaurant owners seem to believe that we want such huge portions? Because they would have to charge us less if they served us less? I mean, how do these places expect to be able to sell desserts to people who are already stuffed from their entrees?

The lady next to me did get dessert. It was an eight-layer slice of chocolate cake. It was a piece of cake as long as my hand and about two inches thick. She was staring at it, bug-eyed.

Outback Steakhouse does the same thing--huge platters piled high with cheese fries. Why, when you've got only two people sitting at a table, would you get enough cheese fries for, oh, six or eight people? I just don't understand it.

That shrimp dish sure was tasty, though...*happy slurp*

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