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Shortest Interview of My Life

Well, I needn't have worried about whether to accept a job offer from Gibson Marketing or

I went to the job site (which was a gorgeous, converted 3-storey red brick house with a spiral staircase).

Three other ladies were already there, filling out applications. I filled mine out as well. The receptionist announced that we were all to go upstairs, where we would be interviewed as a group. We got up there, and the receptionist closed the door and went back downstairs.

The second the door was shut, the four of us began comparing notes.

Lady #1 had been told that interviews would be conducted individually. I had been told that Lewis Gibson would interview us. Instead, we were to be interviewed by a different person.. Lastly, we had all been led to believe by the position advertisements that the company wanted office clerical staff.

Inside the room were two dry-erase easels and a lot of propaganda. We decided then and there that it was probably going to be a telemarketing thing or maybe even a pyramid scheme, but we figured we'd wait to see what the interviewer had to say. Two more ladies were brought up to join us.

In came the interviewer, who announced that we were interviewing in such an unusual way because Gibson Marketing was such an unusual company, and it was ready to deal with the business practices of the 21st century.


He went on to talk about how there was no such thing as loyalty in the workplace, anymore, and how the interview would be more of a give and take session between him and us, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Sorry, guy, but I worked for my last employer for ten years. I consider myself pretty loyal and willing to be loyal--to a good employer.

Lady #2 raised her hand and asked whether we would be required to pay money in order to work for the company. The interviewer said no. Lady #2 then asked whether we were being interviewed to do telephone work (sales) or internal clerical work, such as the duties of an administrative assistant, secretary, etc.

The guy said, "Well, no. The clerical jobs have all been filled and are locked down. We're looking for employees to do telephone work."

At this point, all four of us got up and left.

Ah, the look on that guy's face.

If you want to hire good workers, it's best not to lie to them.

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