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Counting down to EOFY

Work: Posting from work because I am waiting (impatiently) for someone else to finish printing some horrendously long print job they've got going. :P

I won't stay long, because there's filing I can do in the meantime.

Food: Tonight, Mark and I will check out a Bosnian restaurant called Cafe Pita+. It sounds delicious, with their trademark dish being something called cevapcici, which is six little ground beef and lamb rolls grilled and served on something similar to pita bread. You spread different kinds of sauce on the bread and then roll one of the cevapcici in the bread.

How much more Pernese can you get? Anyway, it sounds tasty!

Beyond the Hallows: I am discovering that my version of Narcissa Malfoy is sort of the Daria-like dork I would love to be at times. She can get away with it because she's beautiful and has money. (g) She's on trial now for her activities during 1997-98, and she's letting the judge know how little she tinks of him when he acts supercilious.

Well, must get back tow ork, now; I think the printer is finally free.

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