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Voice Lesson: I had my first voice lesson in a couple of weeks, yesterday. It looks like I'll be learning "Jeso, Joy of Man's Desiring," in German, I hope, as I've got the text.

This morning, I got an email from my teacher about leson times. At the bottom of it, she added, "PS: Keep working on that jaw!"

Hehe! Yes, Ma'am!

My teacher had discussed with me the possibility of me competing in the NATS autumn student auditions in Dallas in September. After thinking about it, I've decided I probably won't go. From the little information she had, it looks like I'd have to take two days off from work, need to pay for airfare, hotel, taxis, and the accompanist, and I only have one song really prepared enough. If I had two other songs fully prepared, I'd be a lot more willing to compete, but not with only "Vittoria, mio core" learned adequately.

Good news--She's going to some sort of meeting today, where she will ask the guy she orders sheet music from, what happened to the copy of "Ruhe sanft, mein holdes Leben" that she ordered. I would love to learn that.

Yes, I am pushing to branch out into German. I love Italian, but I can also sing in German, French, and Latin, and I'd like to do so.

TV: Tonight, Duane Chapman returns to visit the prison he was incarcerated in in 1978. I'll be interested to see that. I've been inside a prison once before; there's one located relatively close to Houston, going south on I-59, I think. I visited it with some parole officers when I worked in the Parole Division of TDCJ. I wouldn't want to have to be an inmate; not a pleasant life, even from the little I saw.

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