Aerden (aerden) wrote,

USS Nightraven NCC-71387

Trek RPG: I finally got fed up waiting for the new guy on the new ship to do something with his sim. So I spent today putting together a site for the USS Nightraven. The Nightraven is a Nebula-class starship that I've had in my head for about five years now but never did anything with because I was always having so much fun on the Charleston or in SPH that I never felt motivated enough to work on it. I'm still having fun on the Courageous, but I'm not XO there, and I find myself wanting more to do.

I wanted to do something a bit different with the 'Raven. I had a story in mind that would be the backdrop against which all the missions were set, and each mission would draw the story closer and closer to the culmination of the backdrop story.

The Nightraven is haunted.

The backdrop mission revolves around handling that situation. I haven't put that tidbit of info up on the website, yet; I wanted to get the quickie placeholder stuff done, first. But that's the meat of the thing.

I just need to get the ship information and the Data pages up, and the captain's character bio, and I'll be done with the preliminaries. Time to recruit.

But first, time for bed. Zzzz...

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