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First, Paul Potts; Now This

But first--

In Memoriam

@>->-- Ladybird Johnson --<-<@

Music: Someone has composed a song and music video on YouTube that are a spoof thing about a young woman's unrequited crush on Hillary Clinton. It has to be heard to be believed. I heard it today on the Rush Limbaugh show, and I was just a mass of helpless giggles in the car.

I'm told the song is sung by a former American Idol contestant. She sings quite well and has good back-up. Anyway, very funny if you have a sense of humor. I'm waiting for someone to write one about Barak Obama next. :)

Alcohol: I bought some Kahlua and half-and-half this evening. I plan to drink it over ice tonight. Yum!

Edit: I'm drinking it now; it's great!

Health: I went to see my eye doctor today for a 10:00am appointment. Was not seen by the actual doctor until 12:15pm! They had me sit in the back waiting room so my eyes could fully dilate, and I was there for over an hour, snoozing off and on.

Coolness, though--I love the plastic 'eyeglasses' they give you for eye dilations, now. It's just the lens shape cut into a piece of tinted clear plastic and tightly rolled, so when you unroll it and put it against your face, the ends press snugly against your temples, and you don't need earpieces. I suppose I look like a dork in them, but I think they're way cool and an ingenious invention. And they take up a lot less space than regular sunglasses do in my purse.

Movie: No, we have not been hit by the insanity yet. Mark and I will be seeing OOTP on Friday. I might dress up as Snape; Mark says he'll consent to be seen in public with me even if I do. (g) And I'll wear my '"I solemnly swear..." t-shirt to work that day.

Trek RPG's: The USS Discovery, which I had considered applying to be the CO of, is apparently no longer an extant ship in Obsidian Fleet. Same with the Chesapeake, as far as I can tell. That was rather a shock. I suspect the Merlin might soon follow in those footsteps, as they have had a difficult time finding and keeping CO's for it.

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