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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
I Did the Insane Thing

I created an account at Second Life.

My avatar's name is Aryl Graves. It would have been Chantal Rathleigh or maybe even Paulla Corva if I'd been able to use a last name of my creation, but I had to choose from the list available. 1. I couldn't resist, and 2. It is at least a normal-sounding surname, and I wanted one that sounded normal. 'Aryl' is the name of a goldrider I once had at 10th Pass Ista.

Wild thought--Dude, wouldn't that be a cool place to play Pern in?

I can't use the account yet, because we don't have DSL or cable, but it will come in time.

SPH folks--To my astonishment, the name 'Artemisia Graves' was already taken. O.O

Have any of you succumbed to the addiction?


Crys has a life over there but I don't (as yet).

I'm amazed I haven't done it as I seem to copy everything he does. :)

I made an 'experimental' Second Life person. But will be making a proper one soon as I can.

I created one!

Not an ordinary name though I did try many 'Graves' combinations without luck then found 'Merlin' as a surname and again not really much available then used: Gwendydd Merlin.

:) Crys is going to get a new account so yeah we can meet up or something when you get your cable sorted.

Viv--Oh, neat! Glad to hear that Gwendydd lives! (g) It would be fun to see you and Crys over there.

I was thinking it would be fun to 'build' Gravesend Manor over there, but I'm going to wait on that. I can already see that a big attraction for me is going to be the ability to create things.