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The Writing Blahs

Writing: So today, while I was manning the switchboard, I wrote down the titles of all my writing projects which have been 'works in progress' for an inordinately long time, and I described the plot or central conflict of each one, preparatory to creating outlines for them all.

I must get some kind of writing discipline back into my life. Lately, though, I've felt extremely uninspired and just plain lazy and 'I don't wanna.' Well, that attitude will never get me published. I will also never get published if I sit around, teling myself that I want to wait until I can buy a laptop, before I do anything useful. Nope, that doesn't cut it.

I've joined the iwrislomo group. I worry that perhaps I am setting my ambitions too low, making it too easy for myself to continue being lazy. I might just post my word count there and at novel_in_90.

But first--I need to do those plot outlines.

Dakmir and Avriet: I need to make these two kingdoms more different from each other, at least with regard to their rulers. The Dakmiri aren't human, but the rulers and kingdom set-ups are enough alike that it's too close.

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