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A Wet Fourth

Happy Independence Day, all of you here in the States!

The Weather Overhead: So...Today's weather forecast calls for a 100% chance of thunderstorms, with a flash flood watch in effect until 4pm for Houston, Texas.


I'm glad we weren't planning to do an outdoor barbecue.

Webwork: I'm finally starting to work on my Musevoices website, for which I have decided that, yes, I really do need to read the steenking manual. 'Cause I am completely lost, without it. My site with A Small Orange is a lot more complex than the one at Dreamwater, and I'm having to figure out where all the stuff goes. At the moment, I can't get my index page to appear when I type in the domain name, even though the domain points to A Small Orange's nameservers. *sigh*

I am also reminded of how much I have forgotten of HTML writing. Sure, I remember the basics, but all the techie nuances have vanished from my brain because of disuse. Back to the drawing board, unless I decide to just copy some pages from my old site.

Other than that, I'm just waiting for the rain.

Why am I up this early??!

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