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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Trek RPG: Geeze, the CO of the USS Merlin has resigned, and the crew is to be transferred to other Obsidian Fleet ships. That was fast; the ship had barely gotten started.

News: I hear that there are now eight people arrested, connected to all these car-bomb things in the UK, and that at least two of them are doctors(!). Rather interesting. Common wisdom would have it that the malcontents and extremists are the ones with little education and no work. This would seem to belie that hypothesis.

The Weather Overhead: More rainy weather is expected today in Houston, a 90% chance, with storms coming in off the Gulf of Mexico. I'm glad I got my umbrella out of the car.

Potter Politics: The misconception is that Republicans are for Voldemort. We aren't. We're for McGonagall. (g)

I want to crawl back into bed. Must get coffee, I guess. Zzzz.

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