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Dang! The World Changed Overnight.

Congratulations to Eric and Suza Theo and Suse on their wedding yesterday! :) I am looking forward to pictures. (g)

Well, our DM threw an interesting curve ball into our tabletop gaming session last night, so we're now trying to negotiate with the e-vile wizard we were previously trying to kill.

I love it! (g)

I applied for two jobs, yesterday--one at a marketing firm--which, for all I know, might simply be a staffing agency--and another at DeVry University, which is a business school.

St. Luke's Hospital reposted the hours-from-Hell PACS Film Library Analyst job that I applied for. This is the one that is full-time weekends, which I presume means 0700-2300 Sat.-Sun. I would not trample over anyone to get that job, but if it's that or nothing, I would go for it. The thing is, you can get such incredibly better pay in other places--with better hours, too. I will call the supervisor of that department on Monday to inquire the status, even though I know it, just to show interest.

If I get asked to interview for it, I'll do my best and not throw it.

shusu has had to leave SPH. I'm still in shock. I hope her RL situation will improve. This was so sudden.

I'm trying to decide whether I want to go to church, this morning. I'm not nearly as regular a churchgoer as my character Seth.

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