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Aerden [userpic]
This Night's Gone to the Dog

A&E aired two new episodes of Dog, the Bounty Hunter tonight. One of them involved a bail co-signer who committed suicide shortly after revoking the bond on someone. Particularly creepy--he left his 'suicide note' as his answering machine message, and Beth figured that out. She was horrified.

It was a grim episode that affected me pretty deeply. Despite all of the grieving, I feel rather angered at the guy. He didn't just hurt the girl/criminal; he hurt his parents badly--he committed suicide on his 39th birthday. What kind of asshole do you have to be, to do that to your mother? His mother, by the way, is a fine woman, truly Christian in spirit, whether that is her religion or not.

In the end, I have concluded that suicide is simply Not Polite.

*rolls eyes at self*

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