Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Monday Afternoon

Voice Lesson: It was pretty short today, no more than the allotted 30 minutes. Mainly, we worked on a voice exercise and "Vittoria, Mio Core." We're to have another recital in mid-August, at a local Barnes & Noble bookstore. We'll be singing in the kiddie section.

One of my co-workers, who is retiring, has asked me to sing Schubert's "Ave, Maria" for her before she leaves, so I've asked my voice teacher to work with me on it.

Frankie (my teacher) wants me to insert more masculine tones into my singing voice. Oh, boy, I get to sing with my inner Paulness! *cackles evilly* She has no idea how easy that is for me to do. I don't think I've told her that I write.

Exercise: Last week, I went to Wal-Mart to buy some things for my business trip, and one of the things I bought was a pair of 2-lb. free weights. I'm using them to rebuild my arm muscles. I have slacked off on that quite a bit for the past several months. When I happened to find barbelss which were wonderfully inexpensive, I decided that I didn't have any excuse not to buy them. I've been doing 100 repetitions each of arm curls in the three positions--palms up, palms facing each other, and palms facing the floor. After those, I do 100 reps of lifting my arms straight up above my head.

The way I figure it, a treadmill would be large and bulky, and we really don't have room for one, even though I could afford one of the models sold at Wal-Mart. Really, though, I think I'd rather do the weight training than treadmill work. I think I get enough cardio exercise by walking everywhere. I could be wrong, but the walking in combination with the weight-lifting should help.

English Peerage: I spent some of Sunday afternoon surfing the Web and reading up on English peerage titles. I now know why there is no longer a Duchy of Gloucester. Apparently, once a peer becomes monarch, his or her titles are 'merged' into the Crown. This is also why there is no longer a Duchy of Lancaster that can be inherited as a title. They have to have a specially-appointed government official serve as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, and the duties usually go to a Cabinet minister of some sort.

Anyway, very interesting stuff.

Work: Work was busy today, but not horrendously so. I got quite a few things done, the filing, in particular.

Writing (HP): I envy writers who can write their characters into corners and then somehow figure out how to get their characters out. I'm working on a Paul Graves story in which he's trying to help a DE conscript get out of the DE, and I'm up against a brick wall.

Now, I don't know if my concept of the DE conscripting people into its ranks is valid. It makes sense to me that sometimes, the DE would forcibly recruit the unwilling, since they can cast Imperius on the hapless folks and then present them with a fait accompli--by the time they regain their senses, they've already committed criminal acts and have thus put themselves beyond the pale. For people who have talents the DE wants, it seems to me that they'd use forced recruitment to at least a moderate degree. I doubt the DE would ever completely trust those people, but I also think they'd be considered too useful not to recruit.

Mark has just announced that supper is ready, so I'll see you all later.

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