Aerden (aerden) wrote,

IL Statewide Training

Work: I'm posting from Inn of the Hills in Kerrville, which is a very nice small hotel/resort and conference center. They have an Internet-enabled computer here, so I'm able to check email, read Trek sim posts, and post to my LJ from here.

The training is a lot of fun; today, we'll be doing more of the 'learning' part than the 'fun' part, which is fine by me. I had something similar to an Egg McMuffin for breakfast, and now I'm stuffed. Happily, this hotel doesn't have a contract with Starbuck's, so the coffee isn't all Starbuck's. That stuff will make a tea-drinker out of you, I swear!

Yesterday, it poured all the way west down I-10. Nasty weather. I kept feeling as if I was in with the folks from Twister, chasing tornadoes; that's how dark the clouds were, at times. And the winde was cold. Normally, the temperature around here has been over 90 F. Yesterday, I'd swear the gusts were in the 60's.

Yesterday evening, we had dinner at a Chili's whose back porch overlooks the Guadelupe River. It was beautiful! There were hills on the horizon--tree-covered hills--and children playing on the grass near the porch, and the sunlight reflecting off the river. Yes, the sun did come out, around 4pm. I wish I could paint how pretty it looked.

That's all for now, I think. I need to head over to the conference center. Bye!

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