Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Some Trek Stuff and Other Things

Trek Simming: I've finally finished everything for Obsidian Fleet's Cadet Academy. Yea! I enjoyed it so much, I've inquired into how one becomes an instructor. Meanwhile, activity on the USS Courageous is going well. The story is moving along, and our players are active.

I play the Chief Medical Officer onboard the ship. No, it's not Aerden, though I was tempted. (EWG). My CMO character is a Bajoran ex-Resistance fighter, who I have given a Destiny(tm) in this plot. IMS folks might remember him as Linnius Tercel.

And, speaking of medicine...

TV: House keeps getting weirder and weirder, and I have to ask myself, "I'm missing Dog for this?" I won't post a spoiler, but I really found the last episode of this season rather contrived where it concerned the three junior doctors and not very realistic, with regard to them. The patient and her husband, however, were very well-acted.

Best line of the episode is spoken by the patient's husband: "How can you fix something if you don't look at it?"

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