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Aerden [userpic]

Music: My voice lesson was canceled today. My teacher was invited to an afternoon party, and my lesson was scheduled for 5pm, so she emailed me, and we agreed not to meet--which was nice, because then Mark and I were able to eat at Harlow's Restaurant at the Edwards Theater. Tasty food, there. I had their Southwest Burger, onion rings, a Caesar salad, and a Coco-Colada. Mmmmmm. Bailey's Irish Cream and Meyers' Rum. Niiiice!

Movie: Mark and I saw Pirates of the Caribbean - At the World's End. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It does go back and forth between scenes, because it is trying to show several different plot threads, but it all works well, and the ending was quite nice, not at all what I had expected.

It sets things up well for a fourth movie. Heh-heh...

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(No subject) - (Anonymous)

Yes, exactly! You expect a happily-ever-after sort of ending, and they give it to you, but with a twist. I liked that a lot.