Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Good Morning! It's Saturday!

I'm going to do some website work, today. It's scary to realize how rusty I am at HTML. I'm having to go back and look at my old website at Dreamwater, to copy the HTML formats from. I have completely forgotten how to do all of the (head)(/head) stuff and link the CSS. Also, I am not running as many things now as I was seven years ago, so I don't need a lot of my old site.

Yes, the Theran Weyr pages are going away. *sniffles*

I'm having to regroup and decided what I want versus what I need, versus what I can actually commit dto doing. Way back when, I wanted to create a medical terminology glossary and a medical bookstore, but I never did anything with them after the first few pages.

I would like to start a starship or a 10th Pass Weyr. But I won't do that unless I can get a good core group of people to work with, and I would also set it up the way the Courageous has done--with automated turn restrictions, so that you can post only so often. That might be a fun way to do a Weyr, as well. I'm actually rather interested in seeing how a Weyr could be run via a bulletin board instead of through a mailing list. Jocasta, in fact, is using a bulletin board now. The more I see how bulletin boards can be configured, the better I like them. They make it much easier to track and organize information.

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