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It's Pitiful When... discover that you're a fan of your own character.

Monster hasn't sent any new job leads yet today, so I'm using that as an excuse to catch up on writing. With the temporary freedom from sending out resumes, writing Paul's story is back in my mind again.

Yes, I know this is only an illusory freedom; I should be placing more applications at other locations, like St. Luke's. But it't Friday, and I want to write, so I'm going to take a brief break.

It is turning out to be a real nuisance to remove Paul from the Harry Potter universe. I am crappy at coming up with a replacement for and (I hope) an improvement on Voldemort for Paul to work against.

I can't get into Voldemort; he bores me; he comes across as cardboard. I don't know--Maybe Paul is what I would want to replace Voldemort with? *snorts* I can hear the Harry Potter DE writers chortling now! (g)

Maybe that is what I want to do with him--and defeat the Evil Wizard Consortium not from without but from within. Well, if the story's not set in the HP universe, I could do that. But then, I must answer these questions:

  1. Why would Paul start up an Evil Organization in the first place?
  2. What would make him see the error of his ways?
  3. Why would Lilith (or love interest) come to love him?
  4. How could I make a happy ending satisfying? I really don't like endings where the Hero Who Has Done Wrong has to pay for his sins with his life. IOW, I was not happy with the ending of Man on Fire. (g)

(There's a commercial about a father and daughter preparing for a wedding, and I keep imagining Peta as the bridesmaid and Creesy as the groom! It is a really cool movie that causes a person to think of its characters in other roles.)

Weird Thought for the Day: A Dilbert-like comic strip for Death-Eaters. It's got to happen. Caniche, Pirate Monkey--Interested? :D

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