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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Two Alleys Inspiration

RPG: I realized something just now about a plot item I created for Two Alleys RPG. The item is a Dark Arts book called Le Livre de Sangre.

I've realized that the person who wrote the book is not the person who turned it into an artifact with a personality. The Livre's author was a Dark Arts wizard of the blackest dye. The artifact creator was a scientist-aka-'alchemist' who was working with biochemistry, not metals.

Now I know how and why the book came into Paul's hands.

I love it when a plot piece falls into place! This makes several things a lot clearer to me, now. What I thought was happening to Paul is not actually what was happening to him.

Heh-heh... *goes off to write*

Memage: Swiped from padfoot_uk.

Go to Google and type, in quotation marks, "(Yourname) likes". Copy and paste the first ten results you get into your journal.

1. Chantal likes to work mainly in watercolours, ink and pencil.

2. Chantal likes to attend many different sports events such as. American football, speed skating, tennis and baseball.

3. Chantal likes to imagine the Princesse de Clèves, or Bernardin de Saint-Pierre's chaste Virginie...

4. Chantal likes to ask questions. Lots of them.

5. Chantal likes to bake for me. ;).

6. In her spare time, Chantal likes to stew coffee in her own house or learn to cook Chinese foods or just watch video disks.

7. Chantal Likes To Play Arround With People But She Lets Them Know That Its Just A Play And Not For Real Or Real Love Or WhatEver Thoughts Can Be Behind It.

8. Chantal likes to fraternize during off hours and is trying to improve skill in order to get ahead professionally.

9. We can see Chantal likes to get it on with more then 1 person sorry charle lol.

10. Chantal likes to be in control. She has a big ego,” adds George. “She has a lot of passion in her signature and has a lot of emotion that needs to be ...

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