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Adventures in Job-Hunting

I don't know how it's possible to spend half a morning applying for three jobs, but I managed. I think the re-writing of the cover letter for each position applied for and the recording of the job information in my little records table is what ate most of that time. Ah well. I do like to keep records of what jobs I've applied for and what came of it.

There is someone offering a receptionist job for $26K-$31K/year!

I nearly fainted, but I had to remain conscious so I could apply for the job. Therefore, I didn't allow myself to faint. *snicker*

I've discovered that applying for jobs can be bizarre, though. Did you know that, if they ask you for a high school diploma, college transcripts are not acceptable as proof of education? They must have the high school diploma or high school transcripts, or they'll discard your application. I couldn't believe it!

So now I've had to send off for my HS transcripts, because my diploma is packed away in a box, somewhere.

I also saw my counselor at what used to be the State Commission for the Blind, yesterday. She was extremely helpful. I got better advice from two hours with her than I have from talking with a lot of other people. The lady is fantastic.

Now, if only I can get two posts written for Paul/Gareth, I will have fulfilled my writing duties for the week...

Good night!

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