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Aerden [userpic]
Like a Drop of Rain, Flowing to the Ocean

@>->-- Gerald W. Smith --<-<@

February 28, 1914-May 7, 2007

In Loving Memory

Grandpa died this morning around 9:00am. His funeral will be held in Taylor, Texas, which is near Austin, this coming Thursday.

I'd like to thank everyone who has kept our family in their prayers. You and your thoughts are very much appreciated.

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I'm doing pretty well. Thanks for asking. :) I visited him last Thursday and had a cry then, and it helped a lot to talk with the chaplain. So I think I'll be all right. *Hugs*


My condolences.

Good thoughts to you and the other survivors, for getting through the mourning.

Note: I apologize; I think I didn't say anything earlier.

Dan--Thank you! We're mostly doing all right; I'm mainly worried about my Grandma. It's hard to be married to someone for over 66 years and have them suddenly be gone. We're trying to spend as much time with her as we can.


I'm so sorry!

Thank you. :) We'd been expecting this for a while, so it's not as bad as it could have been, but it's still hard to say good-bye.




I am so sorry. :(

Our prayers are with you and your family. Your grandmother may surprise you. She may do better than you are expecting as she's had time to come to terms that he was ill. We'll keep positive thoughts going for her to have the strength to keep going.

Lots of love,

Re: Hugs

Thanks, Tricia! *Hugs back*

Are you online?


Oh Chantal, you have my deepest condolences. It would seem he had a good, long life. And he certainly died knowing he had a loving granddaughter to carry on after him.

Oh, Chantal. :*( I'm so sorry.

May your grandfather be at peace, in the arms of the Mother and Father of us all.


Kris--I think he is. *Hugs*


Our thoughts are with you and your family. I am sure your Grandmother will draw strength from her family.

Love you.

Viv--I hope she will. Grandma's the one I'm really worried about. I have a feeling she held on this long only because of needing to care for Grandpa. They were married for nearly 67 years, and now he's gone. I know Grandma's made of strong stuff, but I don't know how strong.


I'm so sorry, Chantal. You're all in my thoughts and prayers (and if Signe prays, I know you're in hers, too).

Hey, thank you! :) *Zen-hugs Signe*


I'm sorry to hear that. *hugs*