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My Scary Bajoran

RPG: My Bajoran Starfleet Chief Medical Officer, ex-Resistance fighter, officially scares me, now. He/I took a report written by a fellow player about some aliens who are menacing our ship, the USS Courageous, and ran with it.

He's figured out what he would do with these creatures if he were the evil aliens controlling them. He has a pretty good idea of why we're encountering the evil aliens' subservient race now, instead of 17 years in the future.

Dhuro Lanis is not a Paul Graves clone, but he's got some elements of the guy in him. Lanis was in the Bajoran resistance for 40-odd years--grew up in it from childhood. He thinks like a fighter because it's ingrained in him.

It's really weird how, when you write a character, you assume their personality for a time. Normally, it would never have occurred to me how the client race of the Evil Aliens could be used. But man, get me in Lanis' mindset, as both a doctor and as a warrior, and suddenly, the picture is crystal-clear, and the story implications are terrifying. I really don't see how the Federation will get out of this intact. The Evil Aliens literally can wipe the Federation off the map.

Well, okay, I can see a way to destroy these client aliens, but dealing with the Even Worse Threat...I have no clue. But Lanis thinks we're going to exhaust ourselves fighting the client species, and the real Evil Ones will come in and do the mop-up--because that's what he would do if he were one of the Evil Aliens.

Fun, fun, fun!

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