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Recital at Bayou Manor

The recital went pretty well. Mark, our friend Donna, and Mark's Dad and stepmother came.

It was quite nice, with some good singing and piano playing by quite a few of the students.

High points--A boy named Ryan playing the Marine hymn. The gentleman sitting two seats to my left was obviously a former Marine. :) He liked hearing that song a lot, and he applauded it enthusiastically. I don't think the rest of the concert made much of an impression on him. I suspect his wife or lady friend dragged him to it. (g)

This one girl who sang a mile-long soprano passage. She did take a breath or two, but that was only to make the passage even longer. Maybe someday I will have breath control like that. Wow!

A girl who sang a song called "The Fairy Pipers." She was quite good.

Sam, one of the other adult students, who sang "I'll Sail on the Dog Star" and something from Cosi Fan Tutte about a man trying to woo a woman by pointing out his fine looks--his eyes, his nose, his moustache, etc. What made this very amusing for me was that I could understand some of the Italian, and that just made it hilarious.

It was interesting when people performed both piano and voice. Usually, the performer was clearly better at one than at the other.

My own performance was good in some points, not as good in others. I still do not sing very loudly, and the accompaniment on one of the songs needed some help--but it's a difficult piano score, so I knew that would be a problem. I think I sang "Tu Lo Sai" better than "Nel Pur Ardor" this time.

It's really hard to know how you did when singing before friends and relatives. It's hard to get a really objective assessment from them. Mainly, I trust Donna's opinion more than anyone else's, except my music teacher's, because she is a musician, herself.

Which is not to say that I don't like praise, but I want to know that I deserve the praise. Having my family tell me how good I am doesn't help much, because I was the one singing, and I knew when the flaws happened. On the other hand, there's a difference between being the performer and watching the performance. Sometimes, the audience genuinely doesn't notice the flaws. So all you can really do is graciously accept the compliments, even though you sometimes don't think you deserve them.

And I have to say, I'd much rather have family and friends who compliment the performance than ones who would do nothing but criticize it.

Anyway, it was a good evening. We went home after that, and Donna and I sang together while she played her guitar. She really does have a fantastic voice for folk music. :)

Work: Another plus--I did a bit of networking for my job at Bayou Manor! I met a lady on the facility's BoD and spoke briefly with her about DBS. I was so happy to be able to do that. She now has a pamphlet and a business card of the caseworker who covers the ZIP code where Bayou Manor is located. I hope to have the caseworker call her this next week.

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