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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]

TV: Bones is back on, finally! I think Crime Night has moved to Wednesdays, because I also saw Crossing Jordan and Medium and almost watched CSI: Miami. I'm not that much of a Medium fan, but our housemate watches it in the bedroom while I'm on the computer.

Family: I'm going to spend some time with Grandpa tomorrow and see the chaplain, I hope. Not much else is going on, except me practicing for the recital on Friday. I'll be singing two pieces, "Nel Pur Ardor" and "Tu Lo Sai," near the end of the program.

RPG: I had forgotten completely about Obsidian Fleet's Starfleet Academy. I've completed the first assignment, but not the second. So now I'm working on that, so I can move on and complete the Academy course.

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