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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Tuesday - Watching and Waiting

A blessed Beltane and a happy May Day to you all! :)

Family: Grandpa is still hanging in there. He's actually doing better today than he was yesterday.

News: I see there were a lot of immigration demonstrations going on today. I think what we should do in the US is make legal immigration easier. It can take at least seven years or more to become a US citizen, if I remember correctly. I think we should reduce that time. If you have a verifiable university degree and can speak English fluently, you should be allowed in without a lot of fuss, certainly after no more than five years; preferably within two or three. I'd say the same could go for someone with a high school diploma, as long as they can speak English or will take mandatory instruction.

The way I figure it, this might at the very least encourage people to get an education.

An argument could be made that this would simply make it easier for terrorists to get into the country. Yes, it very well could. But frankly, they're probably already in the US, anyway or have methods of getting in past the INS. So why not make it a bit easier for legitimate immigrants to come in?

Yep, I think that's my 'rant' for the evening.

TV: I started watching House MD, but I just couldn't continue. It's getting too weird. The shock-jock medical stuff is getting annoying. The episodes are turning into a 'Can we top this?' kind of thing.

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I think with us, the ligitimate immigrants aren't the problem (although say that in a BNP or very conservative area and you'll probably get a shotgun shell to the chest). What is our issue is differentiating between the ligitimate asylum seekers and the welfare tourists.

I think the myth persists that the UK has a fantastic way of life available for all, whereas I think the quality of life is probably potentially better in other EU countries. Unemployment here is minimal, though.

Rich--Yes, it's the same over here--much more of a problem with illegal immigrants than with the legal ones. My hope is, if we make it easier to become a legal immigrant, that might reduce the amount of illegal immigrants coming in. I'm opposed, though, to granting favors to people who came into the US illegally. I don't want them fast-tracked over the heads of people who have waited for years to become citizens by the book.

Over here, I think the key to having a decent quality of life is getting an education and not being satisfied with just getting by. You don't have to settle for being a waiter, busboy, housemaid, or construction laborer, if you get the education, learn the language, and get out of your comfort zone. But I see an awful lot of people on the bus each day who seem perfectly happy working at minimum-wage jobs and never really trying to get anything better. It's sad.