Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Performing Arts Medicine Symposium

Music: I went to the Performing Arts Medicine Symposium at Rice University today. This was put on as a joint presentation by the university and by the Methodist Center for Performing Arts Medicine.

I spent a very enjoyable day listening to doctors and musicians talk about various medical problems, performance anxiety, and nutrition and learned quite a lot of interesting information I hadn't known before.

Apparently, a lot of musicians in the performing arts will go an average of two years with an injury before it gets to the point where they decide to seek medical help. Adding to this problem is the fact that they travel a lot, so are rarely in a position to see just their regular physician for treatment; they have to seek treatment from whoever is available, wherever they happen to be. Also, there is fear among them that, if they tell their conductor or dance master about an injury, it will adversely affect their careers; thus, they hide injuries.

Interesting factoid--Apparently, rock musicians overall take much better care of their hearing than classical musicians tend to. People think violins are quiet little things, but they can actually produce sound up to 120 decibels. The OSHA recommended decibel limitation is i05 decibels for no more than 15 minutes or so a day.

I enjoyed the symposium very much, and I hope they make this an annual event.

Gaming: Gaming happened. My pixie character is now pregnant with the child of a pixie demi-god. *snickers*

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