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Looking for Work

I've been busy jobhunting, lately. I sent in or completed 13 job applications, last week, two of which were for positions at my old place of employment, the Texas Parole Division. I really would like a higher salary than the State pays its clerical staff, but at least I know they will schedule me for an interview if I filled out the application properly. None of the hospitals or other places I've applied to seem willing to even bother stating whether they received my resume, much less call me in to interview.

One of the two parole positions is for a clerical supervisor, so I have bought a book called Skills for New Managers and am reading it. If I happen to get the supervisor job, I want to do well.

Mark and I saw Kill Bill, Part 2 with our friend Tom on Friday. It was great! Part 1 was just a lot of gore, but Part 2 is where the subtlety comes in. I am very impressed with it.

Suse--I had to giggle, seeing 'Zascha' in the flesh. But Elle is much stupider than Zascha would ever dream of being.

Anyway, it was a very satisfying movie, with a tantalizing loose end in Part 1. (g) I really think Bill is David Carradine's best role, sort of the way Bester was for Walter Koenig in Babylon 5.

A word of warning...Lay's Guacamole Chips are addictive.

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