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Horatio Caine is Awesome!

TV: Bad Guy who has diplomatic immunity treats Horatio with contempt and then spits on him. Horatio calmly says "Thank you." As soon as the Bad Guy's back is turned, Horatio scoops the saliva off his lapel with a cotton swab and drops the swab into a sample container.

Smoooooth! That's why I love this show!

I didn't see as much of Drive as I would have liked, because I got caught up in CSI: Miami, but what I did see had lots of Nathan Fillon in it.

Life: I finally had my pedicure today. The new pedicurist only comes in on Mondays and Tuesdays, so I arranged for an appointment for after I got home from work. I still prefer the previous one, May, but Rayna's good, and she does better filework than May did.

Yes, I have nothing more interesting to talk about. (g)

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