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In the News

Real News: A man carrying a handgun got inside Building 44 at NASA-JSC here in Houston and fired twice. The building has been evacuated, and the media are swarming all over the place. No information yet on who it is or why he did it. I'm just glad my Dad is retired and thus wasn't on-site. My impression is that this man is not the Mr. Cho sort. I think he's a disgruntled employee or former employee. I'll wait to hear more.

EDIT: it's over. :( Article, courtesy of Fox News

Tabloid News: TomKat are supposedly getting marriage counseling. Who'd 'a thunk it?

Life: I went home early today because I was still feeling crappy. It felt really weird, because I still have the fever. The body aches have gone away, and my throat feels fine. I suspect I might have a UTI, because I can't think what else could make me feel so awful so fast, and I was noticing some kidney pressure. I called my doctor, and she's given me a 'just in case' prescription of antibiotic. I've already taken the first dose.

The fever is weird. I'm sure that anyone taking my temperature would tell me I don't have a fever, but I feel feverish. Anyway, I'm to drop off a sample at my doctor's on Monday. :P

Movie: Mark has gone to see Fracture, starring Anthony Hopkins and John Gosling. Not really my cup of tea; essentially, he playa a guy a lot like Dr. Lecter, except he isn't a cannibal. He just does the same mind-games.

Trying to decide if I want to crawl back into bed or take a shower and wash my hair. Decisions, decisions....

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